In each of its areas of competence, Partners4Innovation will work alongside company and public sector decision-makers in:

  • Understanding and evaluating the opportunities offered by the digital world
  • Preparing the company to implement digital innovation effectively
  • Business process transformation skills and organizational models
  • Entrepreneurial innovation and business model redesign
  • Identifying and engaging the best partners and suppliers of technology and services

Our approach is grounded on empowering decision-makers within the customer company, giving them the information, methods and tools to guide the innovation process.

We are especially interested in the internal contamination of ideas through external stimulation, experiences and benchmarks (open innovation) and in encouraging an entrepreneurial culture at all levels of the organization (corporate entrepreneurship).

The tools and methods used will typically include:

  • Analysis of the “as is” situation (as is audit)
  • Comparison with best practice nationally and internationally (benchmarking)
  • Assessment of benefits (ROI case)
  • Definition of the plans for change (roadmap design)
  • Identification of suppliers (vendor selection)
  • Contract support services (negotiation & contracting)
  • Support and/or guidance in complex negotiations