DIGITAL360, the ESG advisory services platform is born

24 November 2021 - Milano
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Through our subsidiary P4I-Partners4Innovation, we announce the launch of a series of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) advisory services to support companies in measuring, reporting and improving their level of sustainability.

One year after the launch of the online magazine, DIGITAL360 wants to consolidate its support for the transition of Italian companies towards a sustainable economic system, leveraging digital transformation as a powerful enabler of innovation,” says Gabriele Faggioli, CEO of DIGITAL360. “The two themes, in fact, are closely linked fundamental pillars: there can be no sustainability without a transformation of companies that leverages the full understanding of the potential of using new technologies. The new ESG advisory offer is aimed in particular at medium-sized Italian companies committed to the transition to sustainability and at SMEs in national and international value chains, which intend to use the leverage of sustainability to increase their value, focusing on the most relevant aspects for investors in the reference market”.

The initiative responds to the strong global push towards sustainability in accordance with the PNRR and the Next Generation EU plan, and the new sensitivities of consumers, making available to companies the full range of skills and experience gained by P4I-Partners4Innovation in digital transformation with a strong impact in the ESG area. This includes enhancing human resources, smart working, open innovation, compliance in data protection and cybersecurity, and finally the administrative responsibility of the company resulting from the commission of crimes.

ESG advisory services, in an end-to-end logic, aim to carry out an assessment of the client’s sustainability profile, identify priorities for intervention and contribute to their implementation, ensure communication to various stakeholders through the preparation of the sustainability report, or the non-financial statement pursuant to Legislative Decree 254/2016. Financial implications of the ESG rating are also considered, given the financial company has placed greater emphasis on this rating and the need for Credit Institutions to comply with the EBA guidelines that came into force last July, which provide for the assessment of the ESG profile in the granting of credit.

ESG advisory services pay particular attention to the use of digital innovation as a powerful lever to achieve concrete results in both the short and medium to long term, in keeping with the mission that DIGITAL360 has set itself as a Benefit Society; that is, to promote digital innovation in all its forms as an engine for sustainable and inclusive growth of the economy and society.