Digital360 in brief

Digital360 S.p.A. has been listed on AIM Italia since June 2017. Its mission is to work alongside companies and public authorities, helping them to understand and implement digital innovation, and to engage with the leading suppliers of technology.

Digital360 fulfils its purposes through a multi-channel platform (MatchMaking Platform) -  based upon content, events, lead generation and advisory services – and works to establish contact between:

  • the digital innovation offer, that is, the suppliers of digital innovation - IT vendors, software houses, system integrators, technological providers, start-ups, etc. (over 90,000 in Italy) - which can make themselves known through the many channels offered by the Group and establish contacts with potential customers;
  • the digital innovation demand, consisting of companies of any size and operating in any sector, and public institutions (over four million in Italy) which can use the Group’s information and services for making decisions about whether to introduce specific digital and/or technological innovation and for finding the most suitable suppliers.

The Group has offices in Milan and one in Rome, with a total of 200 employees and professionals.




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