, a DIGITAL360 group company which offers Advisory and Coaching services to support Digital Innovation for businesses and Public Administrations, is seeking to revolutionise the rules of the traditional consultancy market game.

To do so, Partners4Innovation adopts a unique service model (called the“Advisory Engine”) which aims to overcome the limits of scalability and cost of classic consultancy models.

The service model is made unique by:

Original Methodologies And Models

The strong links with universities, combined with the large number of completed innovative projects, allow the development of original methodologies and models, strongly connected to digital issues (Smart Working, Digital DNA, DigitalB2BTransformation, Compliance360, etc.).


Engineered and Replicable Services

The systematisation and dissemination of knowledge combined with the ability to process and interpret information and data, allow the methodologies and models developed to evolve, transforming them into engineered and replicable consulting services, in addition to modular.

Recognised People On The Market

The network of portals and newspapers combined with the numerous events and webinars organised at Group level, allow the Advisory team and the Key People to enjoy a high level of visibility and to position themselves as opinion leaders, influencing the evolution of the market and guiding the choices of Companies and PAs.

«As a service» approach

The network of highly specialised and multidisciplinary profiles, combined with the potential offered by the cloud platforms, allow us to offer an "as a service" approach to provide consultancy services and support customers on an on-going basis.