IT Governance


To support the IT Departments/Digital Departments of Companies and Public Administrations along an evolution path which will lead them to play a leading role in the digital transformation of the company




  • IT Strategy and Transformation
    A solid IT strategy aligned with business strategies is a key lever for the success of the digital transformation and the evolution of the business model. We support our customers in defining the strategic roadmap which, starting from a vision of the current state, allows to identify the areas of development required for a harmonious transformation and growth

  • Agile Transformation
    The transformation of a team or of an entire company towards a way of working inspired by Agile principles, first and foremost requires a cultural journey. We support our customers in defining the agility model suitable for the corporate context and culture and to trial this in a "pilot" mode to then adapt it inside the IT system and organisation

  • Demand and PPM Definition and Change
    The Demand and Portfolio areas are the primary point of contact between the IT organisation and the Business. In collaboration with the Business, we support our customers in defining the budgeting and demand management processes and the portfolio and project management methods which best meet the needs of the company and which evolve with it through adaptive logic

  • IT Service Management 
    Business relies heavily on the robustness and scalability of IT services both for business as usual and for the development of new strategies and innovation. We flank our customers in organising, optimising and transforming the IT Departments through the introduction of IT Service Management good practices which allow the provision of reliable, safe and adaptive services

  • Sourcing Strategy
    In order to respond quickly to business needs and to access specialist skills, IT increasingly needs to open up to external players and to create an appropriate ecosystem of partners and suppliers. We support our customers in defining an IT sourcing strategy capable of enabling the achievement of corporate efficiency and strategy objectives, identifying actions to be taken internally and through the external ecosystem

  • Partner Selection & Contracting 
    Whatever the IT sourcing strategy, selecting a supplier must be approached in a structured and thoughtful manner in order to anticipate risks and correctly set up the supply relationship. We support our customers in identifying the best partner through the construction of RF (x) and the management of the evaluation and purchase process, up to negotiation and contracting

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Data Driven Innovation


To support Companies and Public Administrations in the evolution process towards a Data Driven Organisation, supporting these both in the development of skills and competences and in the implementation of practical activities which help to generate and disseminate a data culture within the organisation and to extract value from the data already possessed


Chief Data Officer, line managers, data professionals


  • Training and coaching
    Support to companies in the acquisition of new skills through workshops and targeted qualification and envisioning courses on Big Data and Advanced Analytics, through the use of specific methodologies aimed at developing innovative ideas and working methods

  • Defining the Organisational Model and Recruiting
    Definition of organisational models which maximise the impact of the new professional figures in the company, definition of the professional profiles suited to requirements and support for the recruiting phase through the definition of an ad-hoc evaluation framework and participation in the interviews

  • Analytics 
    Support for the implementation of data analysis projects, both from the viewpoint of "traditional" analytics (e.g. reporting, dashboards, etc.) and of "advanced" ones (e.g. predictive analytics, deep learning, machine learning, chatbot, etc.)

  • Process Mining 
    Analysis of the log data of IT systems to support business processes in order to analyse process performance, discover any deviations from the model (if defined) and design/document the process

  • Data Governance For the management of the Rights of Data Subjects
    Methodological support in the introduction of data governance techniques suitable for mapping and governing the data relevant for the management of the rights of the data subjects, in order to assist companies not only to meet legal obligations, but to extract value from the data in their possession, improving their quality and usefulness

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