To support companies and Public Administrations in relation to all legal issues concerning the use and management of information systems and digital innovation


Legal Counsel, Head of Procurement, CIO


  • Legal Advisory
    Support for the analysis and evaluation of the legal implications related to the design, implementation and adoption of new technologies (e.g. cloud, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, mobile applications, CRM and marketing automation systems, electronic signatures, dematerialisation, etc.)

  • Contracts&Negotiations
    Support for the drafting, negotiation, contracting and in general for the management of the entire life cycle of contracts concerning IT products and services, including in regulated sectors (e.g. Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Pharma, etc.)

  • Privacy
    Specialist consultancy concerning the processing of personal data, both in terms of support by design for the correct setting of the processing and from the point of view of the documentary and contractual obligations required by law

  • Intellectual Property 
    Protection of intellectual, industrial and commercial property rights, from registration to contractual protections and finally to the defence of the rights

  • Software LicensingLegal support throughout the interpretation of the vendors' proposition. Consultancy for contracts with software vendors and legal support and management of negotiation dialectics in case of audits and/or disputes by the vendor

  • E-commerce
    Preparation of contractual and privacy documentation relating to e-commerce platforms, websites and mobile applications

  • Litigation
    Assistance in proceedings before the ordinary and administrative judicial authorities and the Independent Administrative Authorities. Party’s technical consultancy. Assistance in Arbitration

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Enterprise Risk Management


To support Companies in the design and implementation of a risk management system, consistent with the corporate strategy and the opportunities offered by digital innovations


Chief Risk Officer, CFO, Legal Counsel, Internal Audit, CIO


  • Risk «Control Room» Setup
    Creation of a specialist unit for identifying, monitoring and reporting the risks endangering the Company and the sector to the top management

  • Risk «Function» Setup
    Creation of the Risk Management Function for identifying, monitoring, reporting to the top management and for handling the risks which endanger the Company

  • ERM Modeling
    Modelling and representation of risk factors and their impacts in relation to the main company aspects, identifying the treatment synergies and simulating their effect on the tangible and intangible corporate assets

  • Digitalization
    Design, selection and support in the implementation of digital solutions (Machine Learning, AI, IoT) capable of enabling risk monitoring and simplifying their management

  • Change & Support
    Training and awareness in relation to the adoption of the Enterprise Risk Management Model and of the supporting tools

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