Smart Operations


To support manufacturing and service companies in the development and transformation of their operations, accompanying them in digital transformation and in the adoption of new technologies and new business models


Manufacturing companies, Service companies, Utilities


  • Redesign and Digitisation of Processes in the Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain Areas
    Analysis of processes in the production field (process and performance control, planning and production, after-sales and spare parts, configuration of IT systems, strategy) and redesign with a view to simplification and digitalisation

  • Industry 4.0
    Evaluation of the company's current digital maturity level and design of a transformation path towards the Industry 4.0 paradigm

  • Servitization
    Through the INNOSERVE method, we support the conception, design and implementation of new services and new business models. Analysis and innovation of the service portfolio, service business development strategy, service network, digital servitization

  • Smart Connected Products
    Development and design of related products, as well as of their associated services, exploiting the paradigm and potential of the Internet of Things

  • 3D Printing
    Support in defining the scenario aimed at using 3D PRINTING technology in the various application areas of interest (market, technologies, materials, suppliers, costs,...)

  • Order management
    Support by means of the GECO tool to coordinate the activities of a job order (project management), to plan the multiple job orders which require the same resources (multi-project planning) and to job order accounting

  • Supply Risk
    Support, through the SWITCH service, for the assessment of the supply risk in terms of the probability of failure of a supplier and of the economic impact of the failure of a specific supplier on the company

  • Circular Economy
    Support for the design of business models and products with reference to the circular economy paradigm. Ex-ante evaluation of potential and effects of innovations within the framework of a circular economy

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Supply Management


To support companies and PAs which wish to innovate the configuration and management of their own supply network and purchasing processes, adopting an integrated and systemic approach oriented towards the entire cycle of supplier management - the Source to pay – complying with regulatory requirements and exploiting the opportunities offered by digital innovation


Supply Chain Manager, Head of Procurement, CFO, CAO


  • Assessment
    Assessment of the current Source to pay management model and identification of the main corrective actions aimed at ensuring the correct operation of the processes and at achieving the efficiency and efficacy benefits

  • Redesign
    Digital redesign of the Source to pay processes, taking advantage of the innovation opportunities enabled by the evolution of the legislation, benchmark analysis, benefit analysis and definition of the evolutionary roadmap

  • Digitisation
    Support in the introduction of digital tools, starting from the analysis of the digital and document management requirements, the identification of the solution requirements and support to partner & technology scouting

  • Control
    Evaluation of the performance of the Source to pay management model and support in defining processes, organisation, tools and metrics useful for promoting continuous improvement

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