Smart Working & HR Transformation


To support companies and public administrations in innovating human capital management and development approaches and in the process of changing work organisation models characterised by the introduction of flexibility policies, technological equipment, reconfiguration of working spaces and the introduction of new cultural and leadership models


HR Director, Real Estate Manager, IT Director


  • People Strategy Design
    Support in defining the medium-long term people strategy consistent with the strategic plan and the digital transformation process of the company, identifying priorities for interventions and project areas

  • Smart Working Assessment & Design
    Definition of the Smart Working vision and model in terms of organisational policies, technological equipment and configuration of physical spaces and support during the phases of change management and of monitoring the initiative

  • Smart Leadership e Results Driven Management
    Creation of engagement and change management paths addressed to Managers for the adoption of new leadership styles consistent with the challenges of Digital Transformation and the evolution of work organisation models to Smart and Agile logics

  • HR Processes Transformation
    Analysis and redesign of HR processes through the adoption of new models of people management and development and the adoption of new digital technologies, including with the possibility of support during the scouting and contracting phase with the technological supplier and change management aimed at managers and collaborators

  • HR Data Driven Innovation
    Support to HR Management for adopting skills, technologies and methodologies which allow to capitalise, manage and analyse personnel data with the aim of offering greater decision-making and strategic support in terms of acquisition, management, development and retention of people

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