Audit & Control


To support companies and Public Administrations in structuring, planning and carrying out control activities with respect to specific regulatory areas and internal procedural systems, in relation to a complex legislative and regulatory scenario and to increasingly pervasive sanctioning systems


Compliance Officer, Legal Counsel, Internal Auditor, QHSE Manager


  • Structuring of the internal control system
    Definition, structuring and implementation of the internal control system to ensure compliance with regulations, standards or internal procedural systems

  • Internal Audit «as a service»
    Planning and carrying out audits with respect to specific regulatory areas and internal procedural systems (e.g. quality, environment, security, anti-corruption, information security management systems) taking care of all the control phases, from planning to reporting, up to monitoring corrective actions

  • Simulation of Authority Inspections
    Verification of the maturity of organisations in dealing with audits through simulations which reproduce the practices and methodologies of the Supervisory and Control Authorities

  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) «as a service»
    Outsourcing of the figure of the DPO (or support to the internal DPO) and execution of the tasks assigned to him/her by legislation such as information and advice, surveillance over regulatory compliance and support in the management of relations with the Supervisory Authorities

  • Organismo di Vigilanza 231 (OdV)
    Participation in SBs or support to SBs in the management of operational activities and in carrying out control activities on the adequacy and compliance with the Organisation, Management and Control Models

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Compliance Innovation


To support companies and Public Administrations in defining and implementing the path of adaptation to regulations - transversal and sectorial - by adopting an integrated approach which allows important optimisations to be achieved


Compliance Officer, Legal Counsel, CIO


  • Detection
    Creation and "contextualisation" of the map of the regulations which apply to Companies/PAs, highlighting the impacts on the main corporate assets

  • Modeling & Comparison
    "Simplified" modelling and representation of the requirements of the specific legislation according to the main company aspects, identifying synergies with other regulations

  • Assessment & Design
    Identification of the gaps to be filled – including during the design phase of new Products/Services - and design of models capable of guaranteeing full compliance with the specific legislation, enhancing the available assets

  • Change & Support
    Training, information and coaching of personnel involved in the management of day-to-day issues, adopting innovative techniques and tools

  • Digitalization
    Design, selection and support for implementing IT solutions capable of facilitating the management of the specific legislation requirements

  • Governance
    Design and implementation of an overall regulatory governance model, defining the appropriate domains and decision-making mechanisms

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Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE)


To support Companies and Public Administrations in the design, implementation and verification of Integrated Management Systems, contextualised for the specific reality, also going beyond the objective of obtaining the Certification


Quality Manager, HSE Manager, RPCT, RSPP, Compliance Officer


  • Context and environmental aspects analysis
    Compliance analysis, benchmark analysis, stakeholders’ analysis, business process map analysis, environmental balance, performance data analysis (quality, innovation, environment, safety)

  • Analysis of Significant Environmental Risks and Aspects
    Identification of areas of potential risk with respect to critical assets, danger factors and environmental impacts; adoption of adequate organisational and management measures

  • Design of Integrated Management Systems
    Preparation of procedures, operating instructions, scheduling, workflow, project flow, tailor-made for the Customer in order to oversee business processes

  • Training
    Training of the resources involved in the adoption of Integrated Management Systems and in the management of risk and change and of Safety Managers for an innovative approach to Occupational Health and Safety

  • Audit
    Verification of the compliance of the Systems, both at documentary and operational level, of the organisational good practices and of the fulfilments through auditing programming, management and reporting

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