To support companies and Public Administrations in defining strategies, action plans, skills and technologies for attracting and recruiting new leads and prospects, increasing customer satisfaction, profitability and loyalty, in defining and implementing marketing technology and automation strategies


Chief Marketing Officer, Ecommerce, Customer Experience, Customer Care Managers, Communication Managers, Marketing Analysts


  • User Data Collection, Integration & Representation
    Understanding the behaviour of users and customers; measuring customer satisfaction and the performance of products and services. Collection, integration, visualisation and analysis of the data of customers, users, products, services and related processes, through a variety of approaches and technologies, including: marketing intelligence, business intelligence, big data analytics, social media analytics, web analytics, user research, user test, survey, on-field research, focus groups

  • Customer Experience Evaluation
    Detection and measurement of service performance and customer satisfaction, through a series of performance indicators, user tests and field measurements

  • Customer Segmentation & Clustering
    Customer profiling, segmentation and clustering into homogeneous groups in terms of characteristics, behaviour, interests, access to products and services

  • Personal Experience Strategy Design
    Design of user and customer strategies, definition of marketing, communication and customer care activities, design of platforms and interfaces, customisation of customer relationship management experiences and policies

  • Marketing Technology & Automation
    Definition of technological strategy and of marketing automation policies. Technological implementation and performance measurement

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