Digital Open Innovation


To create the conditions for companies and PAs to successfully tackle the evolution towards Digital & Innovation Driven organisational models, based on principles of agility, openness, entrepreneurship, diversity and enhancement of talents


Innovation, HR, Top Management


  • Top management
    • Digital Organization: organisational assessment of digital maturity and entrepreneurial orientation, realignment of the organisational model with the digital strategy, adoption of agile organisational models aimed at measuring performance, at promoting talent and at open innovation
    • Open Innovation Governance: design of the organisational and operational model of innovation, construction of an Open Innovation network, design of systems for measuring innovation performance

  • HR
    • Digital DNA: measurement of collaborators' digital and innovation predisposition through the Digital & Innovation Readiness Assessment, a test built with gamification logics based on the Digital DNA skills model
    • Digital Academy: experiential and in pills training course, customised on the basis of the starting level of the participants, designed for the entire corporate population and provided through both online and classroom training

  • Innovation
    • Innovation Community: support program for teams working on innovative projects through typical methodologies of digital start-up companies
    • Open Innovation in Practice: implementation of organisational models focused on the generation and development of new business ideas (corporate venture capital, incubators, accelerators, etc.), creation of cultural and organisational conditions to support the creation of innovation development

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