We have embarked on a journey towards the sustainability of our business model and operations, with the threefold aim of: i) contributing to the achievement of the collective goals outlined in the UN 2030 Agenda; ii) meeting the common benefit objectives we have set ourselves in our charter; iii) adding value and robustness to our business by seizing materially relevant ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) opportunities.

The route develops along the following lines:

  • DIGITAL360 has become a Benefit Corporation
  • DIGITAL360 will have a sustainability report from 2021 onwards
  • DIGITAL360 will operate with the aim of achieving an internationally recognised ESG rating

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Sustainability Report

DIGITAL360 will publish its first sustainability report at the end of the 2021 financial year, identifying the material issues on which to focus its improvement objectives.

The Sustainability Report will provide a comprehensive account of the many relevant initiatives already in place in terms of corporate governance, such as:

In addition to what has already been done, specific initiatives will be added on the material themes for the areas of activity of DIGITAL360


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