As of 1 June 20121 we became a Beneficial Corporation, completing a process that began in 2020, the most challenging year for all of us.

This choice seemed to us a natural evolution and a recognition of what we have always done, since we were born in 2012: that is to promote digital innovation in all its forms as a driver of sustainable and inclusive growth of the economy and society. In fact, digital innovation is the most powerful lever for:

  • Accelerate economic growth and increase productivity and competitiveness of any organisation, public or private, contributing to GDP and employment growth;
  • Making sustainable development a reality, making it possible to reduce waste, resource consumption and pollution, and thus protect the overall natural ecosystem;
  • Reducing inequalities and fragility of any kind – social, cultural, ethnic, physical, mental – by creating real opportunities for everyone to enter the world of work.

As a Group we contribute to this mission every day, through all our daily activities: through our online portals we help to spread a greater digital culture at all levels – entrepreneurs, managers, politicians, public officials, journalists, policy makers. Through our communication services, we help digital solution providers to reach businesses and public administrations more effectively, helping to overcome the gap in market knowledge and perception of technology, which is one of the main causes of the delay in a country’s digital transformation. Through our advisory & coaching services, we work alongside companies and public administrations to provide them with concrete support in the digitalisation process, with the aim of improving their productivity, competitiveness, sustainability and inclusiveness

We have thus integrated the following aims of common benefit into the company’s objectives:

  • The dissemination of digital culture at all levels, with the aim of accelerating the process of digital innovation in the economic-productive fabric, the public administration and society as a whole, with important beneficial effects on the country’s competitiveness, productivity, sustainability and inclusiveness;
  • Mentoring entities or organisations of any kind to help them fully understand the opportunity offered by digital innovation to develop sustainable and inclusive growth paths;
  • The promotion of a more inclusive labour market, in particular by facilitating the entry into the digital labour market also of those categories of people showing various forms of fragility – social, cultural, ethnic, physical, psychological, gender, etc. – who are in need of support;
  • The growth of its people, fostering their wellbeing in both the professional and personal spheres, seeking to promote diversity and to make the most of the aptitudes and aspirations of each individual, in a working environment characterised by a corporate culture that expresses a positive impact on society and the environment, in which forms of remote work are also used that reduce environmental impact.

We believe that the status of Benefit Corporation well represents our strong desire to have a positive impact with our beautiful entrepreneurial adventure on the communities in which we operate, in a virtuous circle between increasingly better economic and financial results and social impact.


We are investing in the training of Neet (young people who are not working and not studying) to whom we want to offer the opportunity to build a future in the world of digital professions. Hence the project “Al lavoro 4.0′ which goes in this direction and focuses on Industry 4.0.

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Starting from the stories of professionals, the social inclusion project Diversity360, has set itself the goal of enhancing diversity in the company by encouraging it through the use of digital technology as a social enabler.