Demand Generation

The sale of digital solutions and services represents a huge market in Italy - over 30 billion euro (Assinform) - and is growing constantly.

DIGITAL360's “Demand Generation” Business Unit is aimed at all tech companies, i.e. companies that provide digital solutions and services (vendor, software house, system integrator, start-up companies, etc.) to support them in their communication, storytelling, event management and business opportunity generation activities.

DIGITAL360 is revolutionising the operating logic of this market, through an innovative methodological approach, called Marketing & Sales Engine, developed thanks to years of experience and testing. This approach, which relies on DIGITAL360's editorial and technological assets and on its multidisciplinary skills, integrates various digital tools - Content Marketing, SEO positioning, Social strategy, Marketing Automation, online PR.

The “Demand Generation” Business Unit incorporates the services of three Group companies: ICT&Strategy, ServicePro, FPA.

Our services can be grouped into the following categories:

Smart Positioning & Pipeline
Lead Generation

Advisory & Coaching

The market for advisory services for businesses and public administrations is a market worth over 4 billion euro in Italy.

The “Advisory & Coaching” Business Unit of DIGITAL360 is aimed at all companies and all public administrations who wish to embark on any digital transformation path, with advisory and coaching services which cover all areas of digital technology and innovation.

To do this we rely on a unique service model (called “Advisory Engine”) - strongly based on proprietary methodologies, engineered data and knowledge assets, online channels (our Network of portals) - which aims to overcome the limits of scalability and cost of classic consultancy models.

The “Advisory & Coaching” business unit incorporates the services of three Group companies: Partners4Innovation, IQ Consulting e FPA.

Our services are divided into the following main practices:

Compliance & Audit
Healthcare Innovation
IT Governance & Cyber Security
People Strategy & Digital Open Innovation
Smart Operations


NetworkDIGITAL360, transversal to both Business Units, is the largest network of online newspapers dedicated to all topics concerning Digital Innovation. It is a reference point in Italy for managers, professionals, policy makers, politicians, tech companies, start-up companies and public administrations on innovation topics, with 53 online portals and newsletters, more than 1.5 million single visitors per month, and over 5,000 digital world keywords on Google’s first page.