Through ICT&Strategy, Digital360 manages Italy’s largest network for online newspapers and journals, portals, apps and events dedicated to digital transformation and entrepreneurial innovation:

Advisory, Coaching e Advocacy

Over the past year, NetworkDigital360 has published more than 13,000 original articles and reports, produced 550 white papers and organized 500 events attended by over 30,000 people.

NetworkDigital360, offers a wide range of channels to all suppliers of digital solutions and of technological and business innovation, to help them become recognized and establish contacts with potential customers, which includes:
  • Communication and Marketing, through our propriety network of newspapers, journals, portals and apps
  • Events, conventions, workshops, webinars and multi-sponsoring programmes
  • Direct Lead Generation, through white papers, premium content, on-demand videos, minisites and telephone marketing

Digital360, acting through the Group’s company Partners4Innovation (P4I), addresses all companies, however small, and private sector bodies, in search of digital solutions and innovation in technology and business, offering advisory and coaching services in any sphere of digital transformation and innovation:

  • Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
  • Smart Working & Digital Workspace
  • ICT Governance & Organization
  • Business Processes Digitization
  • Smart Logistics & Operations
  • Electronic Invoicing & Dematerialization
  • Mobile Business Solutions
  • Knowledge & Community Management
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship & Business Model Innovation
  • ICT Legal & Compliance
  • ICT Contracts & Negotiation
  • Privacy
  • M&A

Digital360, acting through the Group’s company FPA, addresses all central and local public authorities and all suppliers of digital solutions and technological innovation interested in the public sector, offering them:

  • Services in communications, marketing and PR
  • Advisory, advocacy, coaching and training services
  • Invitations to events and exhibitions (including Forum PA, the major convention in Italy on innovation and renewal in public administration)

Digital360 has developed service platforms dedicated to digital innovation and interactive online tools