About us

Digital360 is a new and ambitious project originating from the combined efforts of university professors, professionals and journalists, all with a shared common passion: to play a part in leading the digital transformation and entrepreneurial innovation of our country.

Digital360 is a multichannel platform unique in Italy, offering a wide range of services to companies, the public sector and technological providers:


Editorial Content


Communications and Marketing Services


Lead generation


Events and webinars


Advisory, Advocacy and Coaching Services

Digital360 operates through the synergy between three closely interconnected companies:

  • ICT&Strategy, which is responsible for the Group’s editorial assets and offers services in communications and marketing, lead generation, events and webinars  
  • Partners4Innovation, which provides advisory and coaching services through expert professionals highly specialized in the broader sphere of digital transformation and entrepreneurial innovation
  • FPA, which offers services of communication, public relations, events and exhibitions, and advisory and advocacy services, specifically for the public sector