DIGITAL360: opening of the fourth conversion period for the “DIGITAL360 convertible bond 4,5% 2017-2022” convertible bond

29 November 2021 - Milano
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From 1 December 2021 to 31 December 2021 will take place the fourth conversion period (“Fourth Conversion Period“) of the bond convertible into DIGITAL360 shares, named “DIGITAL360 CONVERTIBLE 4.5% 2017-2022”, ISIN code IT0005254484.

During the Fourth Conversion Period, each bondholder has the right to convert all or part of the bonds held into compendium shares (“Conversion Right“) on the basis of the conversion ratio of 1,000 Shares for each bond presented for conversion (“Conversion Ratio“) and therefore at a unit price per share of Euro 1.60 (“Conversion Price“).

In addition, for each bond carried in conversion, the interest accrued at the date of conversion and not yet paid will be paid in cash. The accrued coupon accrued at the conversion date from June 13 to December 31 for each bond carried in conversion is equal to Euro 39.65.

Bondholders may exercise their Conversion Right by submitting a specific request to the intermediary where the bonds are held.

The Conversion Shares resulting from the exercise of the Conversion Right and the accrued coupon will be made available to those entitled thereto after the closing of the Fourth Conversion Period, without any expenses or fees to the bondholder by the Issuer.

For further details, please refer to the related Bond Regulations, which can be consulted on DIGITAL360’s website www., Investor Relations – Information for Bondholders section.