DIGITAL360: signed a binding agreement for the acquisition of 75% of the shares of Corecube S.r.l., a specialized company in the design of training courses for professionals

09 December 2021 - Milano
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Today we announce that we have signed a binding agreement stating it will hold a 75% stake in the company Corecube S.r.l. (“Corecube”).

Corecube, headquartered in Milan, is mainly specialized in the design of training programs for professionals who also need to keep up to date with the obligations of their orders. Corecube is currently 50% owned by GetApp Srl – a company owned by Luca Oliveri and Marco Lo Vullo, who will maintain their current roles in Corecube – and the remaining 50% by Soreprofa – SocietĂ  Revisione Professionisti Associati S.p.A.

The operation is being carried out in the context of a re-launch of the company Corecube, the first step of which is the cancellation of the share capital and its subsequent reconstitution at a nominal value of 10,000 euros. The new capital will be subscribed by DIGITAL360 for 75% and for the remaining part by GetApp S.r.l. The total price paid for the share is therefore 7,500 euros.

The entry into the capital of Corecube will allow DIGITAL360 to expand its offer of microlearning services dedicated to the development and updating of skills and attitudes, with particular reference to digital ones, of collaborators in companies and public administrations. In this area DIGITAL360 operates through two platforms:

  • 360DigitalSkill, with a constantly expanding catalogue of multimedia content, is the offer dedicated to updating the digital skills of the staff of companies, to improve their ability to innovate and manage change;
  • FPA Digital School, with its multiple multimedia tools (video clips, video tutorials, webinars, community, articles and in-depth analysis), is the offer dedicated to the empowerment of human capital in the public administration, to increase its ability to manage the transition to digital technology pushed by the PNRR.

Thanks to these platforms, which currently include a total of 1,700 videos and thousands of articles and in-depth articles, DIGITAL360 has contributed to updating over 60,000 users.

The agreement between the parties includes, among other stipulations, the confirmation of one of the current directors, Mr. Oliveri, as Corecube’s Chief Executive Officer, and a lock-up commitment until May 2025 by the GetApp shareholder on the Corecube shares held by the latter.

There are also cross call and put options in 2025 in favor of the contracting parties on the remaining 25% interest held by GetApp S.r.l., valued based on the results achieved by the company during the year ended December 31, 2024.

“We are very satisfied with this operation” – declares Gabriele Faggioli, CEO of DIGITAL360 – “the acquisition is very important for DIGITAL360 because Corecube completes the offer of multimedia microlearning services, with training structures and technological modalities not used up to now, as well as specifically addressing, even if not exclusively, the categories of professionals enrolled in professional associations or in any case required to carry out permanent training, with wide margins for the development of this market and a strong synergy with the other training products of the Group. This acquisition will make it possible to further develop our potential, expanding the Group’s growth opportunities”.