DIGITAL360: 14th December Telco for Italy

13 December 2021
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The end-of-year edition of CORCOM’s Web Summit will be dedicated to taking stock of strategies and investments. Cloud and new generation networks are the pillars of digital transformation and the convergence between Tlc operators, IT and Tech companies is revolutionising the scenario.

But it will be necessary to speed up the roadmap, outline the priorities and clear the path of criticalities

CORCOM’s web summit, scheduled for 14 December from 11am to 1pm, is dedicated to taking stock of the Cloud challenge, one of the Draghi government’s priorities in terms of digitalisation.

Fixed and mobile ultra-wideband, ultra-performing data centres, new-generation technologies and applications: the game will involve the entire economic fabric of the country. PNRR resources will be crucial, but the real leverage is represented by private investments, those made by telecommunications operators in synergy with big tech and IT companies.

“The Italian Cloud game can represent an important opportunity also for the telecommunications sector, which is increasingly important for the future of the country, but at the same time is increasingly torn apart by price wars that heavily influence its revenues – underlines Andrea Rangone, President of DIGITAL360 -. What is needed is an awareness on the part of everyone – Telco management, regulators and politicians – that telecommunications is a strategic sector for our country and must therefore be wisely protected”.

For Tlc operators, interesting business opportunities are opening up, also and above all thanks to cloud-based projects and services, and partnerships with the key players in the cloud ecosystem, from web companies to IT and Tech companies, will be increasingly fundamental,” emphasises Mila Fiordalisi, Director of CORCOM. Italy needs to accelerate in this direction to regain competitiveness and close the gap with the most advanced economies”.

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Greetings and opening remarks by Mila Fiordalisi, Director CorCom

Speech: The market scenario and the challenges on the horizon” – Andrea Rangone, President DIGITAL360

Speech: “The cloud as the locomotive of recovery: a leading role for Italy? “Francesco Bonfiglio, Chief Executive Officer Gaia-X Aisbl.

Password: ecosystem – No cloud without digital transformation. There is no digital transformation without infrastructure. The role of the ICT and hi-tech supply chain is fundamental to drive projects and spread innovation through cutting-edge solutions. Is Italy ready?

Speakers: Roberto Bussolotti, Regional Vice President Amdocs; Alessandro Colonna, Enterprise Sales Director Dell Technologies Italia; Marcello Forti, Vice President Sales Southern Europe & Vodafone Global Sales Adva; Federico Protto, Managing Director Retelit; Andrea Rangone, President DIGITAL360; Daniele Righi, Chief Innovation and Business Development Officer Linkem Maurizio Sedita, BU Business & Consumer Sales Director WindTre.

Telco and Ott, a common front to win the game – Ultra-broadband networks and cutting-edge platforms: convergence is the key. From competition to co-opetition for the development of initiatives at the service of the Country System.

Speakers: Fabio Cerone, VP Managing Director Emea Telco Business unit Aws; Carlo d’Asaro Biondo, CEO Noovle and Evp Partnership Tim Group; Alessio De Sio, Chief Institutional & Communication Officer Zte Europe; Lisa Di Feliciantonio, External Relations & Sustainability Officer Fastweb; Claudio Santoianni, Marketing & Corporate Affairs Nokia Italia; Federico Suria, Director of the Enterprise Commercial Division Microsoft Italia.