DIGITAL360: Feedback4you, the smart working application that makes it easier to share and evaluate goals for managers and their teams

22 December 2021
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An app that helps managers adopt a new approach to Continuous Performance Management (CPM) with the aim of fostering constant alignment with business priorities and improving employee behaviour even while working remotely.

Through our subsidiary P4I-Partners4Innovation, we have launched Feedback4you, an application that allows individual goals to be assigned to people and encourages a continuous exchange of feedback on work activities between managers and employees or between colleagues at the same level in order to offer constant stimuli and suggestions to improve people’s performance and behaviour.

The need to rethink the way in which people’s performance is assessed and monitored is made more urgent by the consolidation of Smart Working models, which are now a true organisational paradigm for many companies. In Italy, it is expected that there will be 4.38 million workers who will continue to work at least partly remotely after the pandemic. Smart Working can improve work-life balance and productivity but, if not managed correctly, it risks reducing opportunities for informal discussions in the office, increasing the complexity of managing motivation and team performance by managers. For this reason, 33% of large companies operating in Italy have already planned to revise the tools for evaluating people’s performance in 2022 in order to encourage the correct and efficient adoption of Smart Working[1].

Feedback4you aims to strengthen the consulting and change management offer dedicated to Smart Working on which DIGITAL360 has been a pioneer at national level. Designed by the experts of P4I-Partners4Innovation, Feedback4you is an app that aims to innovate and simplify the process of evaluating staff performance, allowing managers to provide evaluations and suggestions for improvement to their employees on an ongoing basis, ensuring alignment on work activities even in Smart Working. The application also allows people to exchange comments and suggestions on how to improve their skills and abilities. The model is based on 8 main steps that can be customised by the company, including goal setting, continuous feedback, interview and discussion planning, interim evaluations, self-assessment and final annual evaluation.

Feedback4you is part of Consultech projects such as GRC360 or MarTech360, created by DIGITAL360, which are subscription-based advisory models based on the use of proprietary As-a-Service platforms. Of these subscription-based models based on As-a-Service platforms in the consulting field, DPO As-a-Service, CISO As-a-Service and Supervisory Board 231 are already active.

“With Feedback4you we provide companies with a tool that can rethink the way we evaluate performance – says Gabriele Faggioli, CEO of DIGITAL360 – It is a cutting-edge digital solution, a valuable support for all HR Departments that want to focus on the processes of growth and improvement of people even when, as in this historical moment of particular complexity due to the pandemic, we work remotely and personal contact is greatly reduced. We are confident that this solution will allow us to continue to revolutionise the world of consultancy, thanks to the introduction of new subscription-based advisory models based on proprietary software platforms to support Smart Working”.

For further information:

  1. PoliMi Smart Working Observatory 2021