DIGITAL360, the second part of “Al lavoro 4.0” kicks off. 11 companies join the social responsability project

12 October 2021
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The free training course starts again in collaboration with Caritas Ambrosiana and Fondazione San Carlo for 14 young people aged 18 to 25 who are neither working nor studying

VarGroup, Torneria Automatica Colombo, Pony, Linde Italia, Rold, Trillium, Fluid-o-tech, Sew Eurodrive, Schneider, SMC and Argo will host 3-month paid internships

The second part of “Al lavoro 4.0”, the social responsibility project of DIGITAL360 S.p.A. – a Benefit Company listed on the AIM Italia market, organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. – is now underway. – in partnership with Caritas Ambrosiana and Fondazione San Carlo, which offers a 5-month course of free training to 14 young people aged between 18 and 25 who are neither working nor studying (the so-called “NEET” – Not in Education, Employment or Training) with the support of Fondo Diamo Lavoro, the active employment policy tool promoted by the Diocese of Milan. Eleven important industrial companies in the Lombardy region have joined the project and, after hosting educational workshops or participating with their managers in the classroom training sessions, are ready to welcome the young people for 3-month internships, which will conclude the 5-month course of theoretical and practical training on Industry 4.0, providing concrete employment opportunities.

Al lavoro 4.0 is an initiative that stems from DIGITAL360’s desire to provide some young people without employment with the opportunity to access the labor market in the manufacturing sector and the new professions created by digital technology. Caritas Ambrosiana and Fondazione San Carlo have identified the young people concerned through the widespread network of assistance and listening centers. The training program, which began in May with a multi-ethnic class of 14 young people with an average age of 21 years, will restart after the summer break to conclude the first 400 hours of theoretical lessons, practical exercises and workshops on topics of digital innovation and Industry 4.0, held (completely pro bono) by university professors, specialized professionals and business managers.

Thanks to the adhesion of VarGroup, Torneria Automatica Colombo, Pony, Linde Italia, Rold, Trillium, Fluid-o-tech, Sew Eurodrive, Schneider Electric, SMC and Argo, from November the paid internships will start in the company, which will allow the young people to acquire skills and practical know-how, with the final objective of job placement with operational profiles, such as “assembly and quality procedures officer”, “mechanical processing officer”, “quality control and measurement operator” or “internal logistics officer”. The attendance allowance for the training days and the remuneration for the internship (from 400 to 500 euros per month including meal vouchers for 30 hours per week) were financed by the “Fondo Diamo Lavoro” managed by Caritas Ambrosiana.

“With Al Lavoro 4.0 we want to make a small but concrete contribution to the great problem of NEETs in Italy, taking advantage of the new professional opportunities that the ongoing digital transformation is opening up and placing in advanced companies young people who, even if they have not been able to find stable employment until now, have a strong native sensitivity to digital and are following a specialized path on Industry 4.0 issues – explains Andrea Rangone, President of DIGITAL360 -. The results of the first part of the course are very encouraging and now we are getting into the swing of things with internships aimed at concrete employment opportunities. We are happy that several advanced manufacturing companies in the Lombardy region have believed in the project and share this goal with us”.

“The recovery of the economy will depend on the market and the ability of businesses to interpret it. Our task is to ensure that no one is excluded from these opportunities. For this reason, in recent months we have been looking for partners with whom to allow those who for various reasons are kept on the margins of the labor market, especially young people, to get involved,” says Luciano Gualzetti, director of Caritas Ambrosiana. “We hope that others will want to follow the example of DIGITAL360. We have a capillary network of listening centres able to intercept people looking for work, the resources to finance internships, relieving companies of any burden. We need entrepreneurs, like those involved in DIGITAL360, who want to believe in it.