2022: our path to internationalisation in Spanish-speaking countries

23 December 2022

I dedicate this last and brief editorial of the year to what we are doing abroad, having finalised our sixth cross-border acquisition in recent days.

The strategy was clear ever since we decided about two years ago to start the international expansion of the Demand Generation business unit:

  • focus on the Spanish-speaking countries (Spain and Latam) because they are particularly similar to Italy in terms of market maturity and high fragmentation of the sectors we are interested in (and therefore suitable for our consolidation objective);
  • replicate the business model that we have successfully implemented in Italy in recent years, based on digital publishing assets and martech and salestech technological platforms;
  • achieve sufficient critical mass right away to become the largest provider of marketing and lead generation services to large global technology companies in the area.

To date, we have already assembled a team of more than 100 people in these countries (around 80 in Latam and 20 in Spain), led by smart co-entrepreneurs who are highly motivated to achieve a major growth path with us.

And that’s not all: we have more acquisitions in the pipeline, which we should be able to announce soon!

We have started another beautiful chapter of our entrepreneurial adventure.

See you soon,