AL LAVORO 4.0 – 2022-23 Edition

Training paths for NEETs for a more digitally inclusive world of work

The phenomenon of NEETs (young people not working and not studying) is unfortunately a growing trend in our country. With “Al Lavoro 4.0” we have invested in their training and tried to offer them the opportunity to build a future in the world of work thanks to digital professions.

The initiative, also carried out in collaboration with Caritas Ambrosiana and Fondazione San Carlo, aims in fact to contribute to reducing the inequalities generated by conditions of socio-economic disadvantage that do not allow young people in our area to acquire the necessary skills to enter the world of work in a stable manner.

The project, which started in 2021 with a pathway in Industry 4.0 for the workers of the future, was also enriched in 2022 with a new training pathway in Marketing 4.0 and aims to:

  • Offer a training opportunity on Industry 4.0 and Digital Marketing skills;
  • Initiate a dialogue with companies on the mismatching between necessary skills and available professional profiles;
  • Create Partnerships with socially active bodies, institutions and foundations in the communities of reference, in order to facilitate contact with the recipients of the project and support the positive impact on the Lombardy territory;
  • Offer post-training traineeships financed by the project promoters in local enterprises;
  • Start up a new communication channel between the project recipients and the world of work;
  • Contribute to the sustainable development goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

The PCs for training were again made available this year by, a non-profit association set up by four Milanese high school students, which collects used devices such as PCs or tablets from organisations and individuals and, after reconditioning them, donates them to students who need them for distance learning activities.