Advisory & Coaching

We carry out Digital Transformation projects for companies and public administrations through advisory and coaching services characterised by a structured, flexible, integrated and multidisciplinary model.

We support organisations at all stages of the digital transformation process, adopting a collaborative approach based on listening, enriching the vision and skills of our partners.

We have developed a unique advisory as-a-service
model, strongly based on methodologies, data and platforms to accelerate our clients’ digital transformation.

Custom Services

We use our distinctive competences to develop with our clients projects characterised by a high level of customisation aimed at satisfying, also thanks to our proprietary technological platforms, specific requirements for setting up and implementing digital transformation processes. Our main areas of action are:

  • AUDIT We support businesses and public administrations in defining, planning and executing an internal audit model, ensuring that internal processes operate more efficiently and effectively in terms of both corporate governance and risk management.
  • COMPLIANCE We support public and private companies in defining and implementing the process of complying with laws and technical regulations, helping them to manage their obligations.
  • CONTRACTS, NEGOTIATION & LITIGATION We have more than ten years’ experience in contracting and supply risk prevention and mitigation. We negotiate highly complex contracts: from the balanced definition of relations with counterparties to the conduct of negotiations in the event of a dispute, from assistance and defence in the event of litigation to the settlement of disputes.
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE We help organisations develop the best digital strategies with a human-centred and data-driven approach. We design services and optimise processes to ensure relevant and memorable consumer experiences.
  • DATA INSIGHTS & ORGANIZATION We combine expertise and experience in the fields of Data Science and Data Management in order to ensure that organisations exploit information to support decision-making processes. We develop mathematical models, favouring the construction of an insight-driven organisational and operational model.
  • DIGITAL & OPEN INNOVATION We have developed a 360° approach to support organisations in their transformation towards open and participative innovation models, helping them to create the organisational conditions for grounding and governing initiatives effectively and efficiently.
  • DIGITAL BANKING We support organisations and institutions as well as providers of banking and IT products and services in the management of all legal, contractual, compliance and Information & Security issues related to digital and organisational transformation.
  • DIGITAL LAW We support companies of all sizes and market sectors in assessing and managing the legal implications, regulatory compliance needs and contractual requirements associated with digital transformation paths within the company or in relation to the range of digital goods and services on offer in the market.
  • HEALTHCARE INNOVATION We support public and private players in the healthcare system in defining innovation strategies and in assessing and revising their organisational model, encouraging the development and adoption of processes and solutions centred on digital technology in general and telemedicine in particular.
  • INFORMATION & CYBER SECURITY We help companies protect the digitisation of their business processes by implementing the best strategies to prevent and address information security threats, enhancing their ability to manage cyber risks.
  • IT GOVERNANCE We have the ability to evolve the IT organisation by harmonising it with business needs. We rationalise and optimise the governance of systems, infrastructures, applications and services, encouraging effective dialogue with all LOBs, guaranteeing speed, agility and scalability without compromise.
  • PEOPLE ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY We design paths for mapping digital and innovation skills, and talent development. We assist projects with different aims related to cultural change, digital transformation and innovation. The operational plan is implemented using all the channels available to the company: physical and digital.
  • SMART OPERATIONS We help manufacturing and distribution companies choose integrated, advanced and collaborative smart manufacturing models. We optimise operational processes, bringing a new system intelligence that favours the development of supply chain relations which, by breaking down siloed information logics, bring efficiency, speed and reduce waste and errors.
  • SMART WORKING We offer consultancy and services aimed at promoting and introducing the best smart working policies: training and envisioning, flexibility policies, support in discussions with trade unions, coaching of management on new leadership models and results orientation, redefinition of work spaces and design of internal and external communication campaigns.
  • SPACE ECONOMY We accompany companies along digital transformation paths to seize all the opportunities offered by the space sector, developing strategies, extracting value from data, ensuring full regulatory compliance and the security of all assets.
  • SUSTAINABILITY ESG We support organisations in defining and implementing corporate sustainability strategies, aimed at enhancing the value of intangible corporate assets, through the adoption of ESG metrics and tools for digital transformation.

Subscription services (ConsulTech)

Through an innovative approach we offer “subscription-based” Advisory & Coaching services that allow us to take charge, on an ongoing basis, of highly specialised activities relating to digital evolution that can leverage our proprietary technology platforms. The main services currently active are:

  • DPO AS-A-SERVICE We perform the role of DPO (data protection officer) on a subscription basis through a multidisciplinary team with legal, organisational and cybersecurity expertise, including through the use of our proprietary GRC360 platform.
  • CISO AS-A-SERVICE We act as Chief Information Security Officer on a subscription basis, managing cybersecurity governance for customers from all perspectives and developing and supporting cybersecurity strategies, designing organisational, process, technology and awareness solutions, also in relation to the supply chain.
  • SUPERVISORY BODY We perform the role of the 231 Supervisory Body on a subscription basis through a multidisciplinary team with criminal and civil law, organisational, occupational safety and environmental expertise, also through the use of our proprietary platform GRC360.
  • 360DIGITAL SKILL We help companies to spread the culture and awareness of digital transformation among their people, through our subscription-based micro-learning technology platform.
  • FPA DIGITAL SCHOOL We support public administrations in training and empowering their human capital through our eLearning platform.

We implement Digital Transformation projects for companies and public administrations through advisory and coaching services characterised by a structured, flexible, integrated and multidisciplinary model.

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