Advisory & Coaching

Custom Services

We use our distinctive skills to develop with our clients projects characterised by a high level of customisation aimed at satisfying, also thanks to our proprietary technological platforms, specific needs linked to digital transformation. Our main areas of action are:

  • Audit & Compliance
  • Legal
  • Information & Cyber Security
  • People & Innovation
  • Marketing & Sales
  • IT Governance
  • Data Driven Innovation
  • Smart Operations
  • eHealth

Subscription services (ConsulTech)

Through an innovative approach, we offer “subscription-based” Advisory & Coaching services that allow us to take charge, on an ongoing basis, of highly specialised activities related to digital evolution that can leverage our proprietary technology platforms. The main services currently active are:

  • DPO As-A-Service We perform the role of DPO (Data Protection Officer) on a subscription basis, involving a multidisciplinary team with legal, organisational and technological expertise, including through our proprietary GRC360 platform.
  • CISO As-A-Service We act as Chief Information Security Officer on a subscription basis, managing cybersecurity governance for customers from all perspectives and developing and supporting cybersecurity strategies, designing organisational, process, technology and awareness solutions, also in relation to the supply chain.
  • Supervisory Board We perform the role of Supervisory Body 231 on a subscription basis, involving a multidisciplinary team with legal (criminal and civil law), organisational, occupational safety and environmental expertise, also through the use of our proprietary platform GRC360.
  • 360Digital Skill We help companies to spread the culture and awareness of digital transformation among their people, through our subscription-based micro-learning technology platform.
  • FPA Digital School We support public administrations in training and empowering their human capital through our eLearning platform.

We implement Digital Transformation projects for companies and public administrations through advisory and coaching services characterised by a structured, flexible, integrated and multidisciplinary model.

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