Digital360 Awards 2021, the best digital innovation projects in Italy

04 October 2021
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DTR Italy in the category “Cloud computing” with the project DTR Service, AppQuality in the category “CRM/Solutions for Marketing and Sales” with the project Test in Beta with Crowdtesting: the Flexa case, Cyber Guru in “Information and Cyber Security” with Cyber Human evolution, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica in “Internet of Things & Big Data Analytics” with the Engineering Mobile Energy project, Wellnet for the “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence” category with AIDA smart SEO machine for Tender Capital, Bit4id in “Smart Working and Collaboration” with Meeting Today; Bisy in “B2b and eSupply Chain Solutions” with Elyx, Schneider Electric in “Infrastructure Solutions” with the innovative micro data center. Special Sustainability award to Tim, special Digital Transformation award to Wellnet and CIO summIT award to AppQuality.

These are the winners of the sixth edition of the Digital360 Awards, the contest organized by DIGITAL360 that rewards the best digital innovation projects in Italian companies, promoting the culture of digitalization in our country. During the event “The new face of Digital: inclusion, sustainability and diversity”, organized in collaboration with CIOSummIT, the 47 finalists presented their projects to a jury of over 150 CIOs from the most important Italian companies. The jurors selected a winner for each technology category, rewarding the best solutions able to stand out for originality of ideas, concrete benefits and replicability.

This year the final event delved into the role of digital in support of inclusion and sustainability, with moments of confrontation involving over 250 important managers and important k-note speakers. Main partners of the sixth edition of Digital360 Awards and CIOSummIT are important vendors and tech companies such as Cisco, IBM, NetApp, Orange Business Services, TIM, Schneider, Celonis, DELL, Deloitte, Ivanti, Nutanix and Techedge.

“The projects awarded at the Digital360 Awards 2021 represent concrete cases of success in the field of digital transformation – says Raffaello Balocco, CEO of DIGITAL360 -. We are very proud to have been able to enhance them in an event that has involved the various actors of innovation: the jury of over 150 CIOs, top managers of major companies, startups, vendors and tech companies”.

“This year we wanted to give ample space and relevance to the role of digital innovation in support of sustainability and inclusiveness – says Andrea Rangone, President of DIGITAL360 -. I think this is the new challenge for CIOs and technology companies: to show concretely the many opportunities that digital solutions offer to reduce waste and consumption and to increase the inclusion of people with greater fragility and difficulties. This is also the challenge of DIGITAL360, since it became a benefit company”.

Details of the winning projects

Category Cloud computing – “DTR Service – a world of services for the cash point”: the solution designed by DTR Italy consists of an articulated cloud infrastructure that contains a large database and a series of web services, produced by the processing of such data. The proposed services can be used by all members, whether they are retailers of cash registers or end users.

Category CRM/Solutions for Marketing and Sales + CIOsummIT Award – “Testing in Beta with Crowdtesting: the Flexa case”: the project conceived by AppQuality has allowed a digital product, the Flexa of the MIP-Politecnico di Milano, to be tested directly by end users, at any stage of development. AQ created a platform able to connect more than 20,000 testers in Italy managed by Quality Leaders, i.e. Project Managers responsible for the success of each testing project.

Information and Cyber Security category – “Cyber Human evolution”: the solutions of the Cyber Guru platform, adopted by EP Produzione, offer intuitive learning paths to increase the awareness of employees and collaborators with respect to the risks of the digital sphere. Each element of the platform has been designed to maximise the effectiveness of the training contribution, minimising the dispersive effect and eliminating management costs.

Internet of Things & Big Data Analytics category – “Engineering Mobile Energy”: the company Engineering Ingegneria Informatica has developed an electric recharging system without permanent data connectivity, which capitalizes on existing infrastructures and facilities while standardizing the customer experience. The project has enabled the transition from the traditional (combustion) car fleet to a new fleet of mainly hybrid and fully electric cars.

Category Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence + Digital Transformation Special Prize – “AIDA smart SEO machine for Tender Capital”: Tender Capital, a London-based European group leader in asset management and specialized in alternative investment funds, has chosen AIDA, the exclusive machine learning technology applied to SEO developed by Wellnet, with the aim of increasing its online positioning thanks to artificial intelligence.

Smart Working and Collaboration Category – “Meeting Today”: Following Covid 19, Notartel launched a project to provide Notaries with PNI – Piattaforma del Notariato Italiano, a platform dedicated to the stipulation and management of notarial acts both in presence and at a distance. In addition, the platform has been customized and enhanced by Bit4id to meet the needs of a very demanding user base.

B2b and eSupply Chain Solutions Category – “Elyx”: developed by Bisy and implemented at Poste Italiane, Elyx is a solution for automating the process of managing company energy supplies. At Poste Italiane the project was integrated with various business applications, such as asset management and accounting, to achieve the highest possible level of automation.

Infrastructure Solutions category – Schneider Electric was awarded the prize for the “micro data center” implemented for a company producing glass containers. This ad hoc solution makes it possible to guarantee operational continuity in a particularly delicate production context (high-temperature ovens, maintained at around 1600°C for 365 days a year).

Special Sustainability Award – “Smart Control Room”: implemented by Tim, the project stems from the need to improve mobility and safety in the City of Venice, through the development of an integrated system for the control and management of water mobility and road safety. TIM has therefore developed a platform that makes available a wide range of information and functionalities, such as the number of presences in the city, the origins of commuters or tourists, traffic monitoring and forecasts of future flows.